Ashtanga Yoga Primer


This new edition as an e-Publication uses the IAST format for all Sanskrit terms which takes the publication global. Intended for those interested in correct pronunciation of all transliterated Sanskrit terms and those who want a convenient way to carry the book to classes, enjoy leisure reading, and engage in research.

Reinforce your knowledge with this easy to use manual of the traditional practices of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Baba Hari Dass. Includes: beginning and intermediate practices for purification, breath control, meditation, mudras, and yoga postures; basic theory of yoga metaphysics; daily practice schedules; and a Sanskrit glossary.

“Faith, devotion, and right aim–these three things are the main guides for the spiritual journey”

“There is an unspoken language. It comes from the silence and can’t be heard by the ears, only by the heart.”

Category: Spiritual Teachers


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