Yellow Book (Box Set – Limited Printing)

The Yellow Book (Box Set)

The box set comes as a set of loose paper cards that allows the reader to arrange the book in any order. It also allows for spiritual readings, calendar meditations, and much more. This was the original intention of the first edition of The Yellow Book in 1972. This offering comes as a limited edition printing. Each box set is labeled with a number from 1-100, like a limited edition art print.

Dedicated to BABA HARI DASS: 1923-2018

Baba Hari Dass, master yogi and silent monk, encouraged his students to serve, build community, and regularly practice spiritual disciplines. His example of selfless service coupled with his ability to make classical Aṣṭāṅga Yoga relevant for contemporary life inspired the creation of spiritual-retreat centers, children’s schools, and an orphanage. His life of discipline, yoga, and love has touched people around the world.

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