Murali Krisna Lyrics

Lyric Booklet with Translations and Symbolism

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Sri Ram Kirtan – Vol 1 & Vol 2

Sri Ram Kirtan – Vol 1 & Vol 2

Profits from our sound recordings and publications are dedicated to supporting needy and homeless children in India. We are very grateful to all the dedicated people who gave so generously of their time and talent to make this recording possible. These two volumes both have two CD’s; total four CD’s in the set.

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Jaya Shambho

Jaya Shambho

Kirtan chanting is a call/response format that promotes concentration and tranquility of mind. The words of each chant are mantras, or sacred syllables, which can open the listener to deeper realms of higher consciousness. Shambho is “the Beneficient,” “the Abode of Joy,” the destroyer of ignorance and bondage. This music is a powerful method for spiritual introspection.

Kailash Pati Shiva Shankara Ki jaya Jaya
Ganga Ki Jaya Jaya Jamuna Ki Jaya Jaya

Victory to Shiva whose abode is Kailash Mountain
Victory to Ganga, Victory to Jamuna.
—Translation of song #5

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Anjali: Melodies of Ancient India

Anjali: Melodies of Ancient India

This is the Anjali Quartet’s premier album. These ancient melodies, arranged instrumentally for the Western ear, are indeed offerings to the inner spirit. The Anjali Quartet has uniquely blended their knowledge, training, and respect for western classical music with an intuitive love and feeling for these eastern melodies. The result is a blissful journey that is spiritually moving and artistically satisfying.

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